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From 2012 please see Postgrad Lab Page for project document

2011 Arduino and Sensor Projects

Pauline Theart - "Vocal Warm-Up Chair"
Documentation: File:The Vocal WarmUP P.Theart 591975.pdf
Arduino and Max/Msp Code: File:VoiceChairArduino2Max Nov2010

Christopher Stead - "Face Wars"
Documentation: File:ChristopherStead ProofofConcept.pdf
Schematic: File:ChristopherStead

Wireless Networking - "The Blind PiG Membership Program"
Documentation: File:ChristopherStead NetworkedArduino.pdf

Jessica Foli "Mini-me Ignoring Me"
Explanation of concept: File:Jessica Foli Arduino Project.pdf
Circuit Diagram: File:Jess Foli mini me ignore.pdf
Final Arduino Code: File:Jess Foli mini me
Arduino Code first test: File:Jess Foli mini me test

Jans de Jager "Trolleybot"
Documentation and code:

Lisa Van Vliet "colourCAST"
Documentation: File:MiniProject4 lisavanvliet.pdf
Coding: File:MiniProject4

Alexandra Jones "Betty"
Documentation: File:AJones mini proj 4documentation
Arduino code: File:The one

Carly Whitaker "Wearable Technology"
Arduino Code:File:Scarf function
Documentation: File:SCARVES.pdf

2009 / 2010 Arduino & Sensors Projects

Please see 2010 Mini Projects

Please see 2009 Mini Projects

Mini Projects
Mid Year Exam
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