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Processing Interactive Examples

GitHUB link:

Tips & Tricks

Processing Cheat Sheet
25 Life Saving Tips for Processing - Article

Additional Tips and Tricks
Follow these Tumblers:
For Your Processing:
Experiments in Processing:

Open Processing with hundreds of examples and sketches
For more multi-tasking in Processing try - be sure that your chrome browser is in translate mode, cause its in French.

Processing & Computer Vision

First read the following fun article on computer vision by Golan Levin:

We will start working with the principles discussed in Lesson 7 of the Learning Processing book, with a basic understanding of image processing found in Chapter 15. We will focus primarily however on the next Chapter 16, so read in more detail the 16-1 Live Video, 16-3 Software Mirrors and 16 -4 Video as Sensor sections.

Working with Kinect

  • Prezi Presentation on the workings of the XBox Kinect and OpenKinect development environments by Main Grotepass & Tegan Bristow (2012).
    • For the Simple OpenNI examples (see updates on Interactive Media Github) you will need the SimpleOpenNI library by Max Rhiener installed and version 2 of Processing in order for these to work.
    • For more on Synapse read Synapse Intro and the details on the OSC labels on this Max related page.
    • For more on how the OSC Library works here is the documentation

Processing Game Mod Exercise

Steph Thiron's original Game Mod Code:‎ and the Link to original video.

Mini Projects
Mid Year Exam
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