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Libraries Project are where students take explore particular Contributed Processing Libraries. Projects are developed on a particular theme and extensive documentation is written on the Libraries and how they were used.


2016 Libraries Project with Physical Computing

In 2016 candidates worked on a project bringing processing and physical computing together in a expanded project. See Mini Project 2 in the 2016 student pages.

2015 using Game Controller Plus & Twitter4J

In 2015 candidates worked with rule based systems at the same time as applying libraries, most candidates used the Game Controller Plus library with USB game controllers, be sure to carefully check their documentation under the 2015 Lab documentation before trying to run the programs, as most will need a working game controller.
Download the library from here:
Download the library from here:

2014 Libraries Projects

These are listed as Mini Project 1 at the 2014 Student Research Pages.

2013 Libraries Projects

These are listed as Mini Project 2 (Data Viz) at the 2013 Student Research Pages.

2012 Libraries Projects

These can be found on the 2012 Student Research Pages under Processing Mini Project 2.

2011 Libraries Projects

Group Projects

Jans de Jager and Christopher Stead - "Encompass"
Documentation: File:MiniProject2 JansChris.pdf Code: File:MiniProject2

Pauline Theart, Jessica Foli & Alexandra Jones "TriggeRain"
Documentation: File:TriggeRain Mini Project Code:File:RAIN via Sound - Mini Proj 2 .zip

Carly Whitaker and Lisa van Vliet
Code: Library: Documentation

2010 Libraries Projects

Please find the Processing Library Projects for 2010 on the 2010 Mini Projects page.

See Mini Project 2.

Mini Projects
Mid Year Exam
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