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On Interaction Design

All these are links to the books in the Wits library online catalogue.

Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman.

Interaction design : beyond human-computer interaction by Jennifer Preece and Yvonne Rogers.

Inventing the medium : principles of interaction design as a cultural practice by Janet H. Murray.

Building interactive systems : principles for human-computer interaction by Dan R. Olsen Jr.

Form + Code in Design, Art and Architecture by Casey Reas

Experience-Centered Design: Designers, Users, and Communities in Dialogue by Peter Wright and John Mcarthy

Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell

On Coding

Creative Codeing Texts

Learning Processing by Dan Shiffman
An introduction to the processing IDE and creative coding

Nature of Code by Dan Shiffman.
Useful for advanced coding rules and systems within creative and generative coding.

10 Print.
Explores the history. mechanisms and cultural significance of code though the single line of "10 print".

Creative Code by John Maeda

Design By Numbers by John Maeda for running concepts for Processing.


A little history before processing.

Processing official site.

Processing at Creative Applications.

Classroom and Theme Development Sketches at Open Processing.

Books on Processing.

Processing JS

Newer and better way of working in a Processing styled javascript form p5.js

Javascript conversion for running in HTML 5 Element Processing JS.

Demo and Tutorial site with John Resig

Mobile Processing

Website for Mobile Processing.

Processing Andriod

VJ forums: Workshop Details

Processing Andriod Wiki

Creative Coding

On Vera Molnar

Digital Arts Museum: Vera Molnar's "Inconceivable Images"
Vera Molnar documentation website

On Manfred Mohr

Digital Arts Museum, Manfred Mohr artworks
Manfred Mohr documentation website

On Casey Reas

Casey Reas documentation site
Casey Reas compendium lecture
Casey Reas Creators Project Video

Mini Projects
Mid Year Exam
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