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2016 LAB

Find here pages for the 2016 lab:
Simon Fabricius
Shaun Grose
Sipho Gwala
Obett Motaung
Shubapradha Ravi
Rian Blignaut

Outlines & Template Downloads:
2016 1st Semester Course Outline: File:WSOA7030 Applied Concepts 2016 FINAL.pdf
2016 2nd Semester Course Outline: File:WSOA7016 Professional Practice 2016.pdf
Documentation Template: File:Documentation Template 2016.pdf
Proposal Template (For Exam Only): File:Proposal Template.pdf

Exam Brief:
2016 Mid Year Exam: File:Mid YearInstallationExam-Prep 2016.pdf
2016 End Year Exam Requirements: File:Colab 2016.pdf

LAB Archive

Link here for 2015 Lab Research:
Link here for 2014 Lab Research:
Link here for 2013 Lab Research:
Link here for 2012 Lab Research:

Photo from 2012 Drawdio Collab (Digital Arts, Engineering, Electronic Music Composition)

Research Reports & Research Dissertations

For Research Paper related information please see the Digital Arts Research Wiki:

Mini Projects
Mid Year Exam
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